Healthy Food Doesn't Have To Taste Like Health Food.

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We Serve Cuisine With Purpose.

Fourth & Olive believes that a restaurant's place in a community is like that of a kitchen in a home. It should be the safest place in the neighborhood, where we gather together to break bread and share of ourselves. 

We serve food to our guests that we do our family, and put nothing on our plates that we wouldn't serve to our own loved ones. To the team at Fourth & Olive, the food we serve is our way of expressing our love for our community and our guests. 

Stuffed Olives.


Dan Tapia


Unable to afford his unquenchable thirst for the world's best wines, Dan convinced several of the world's top chefs to pay him to taste and share wine with the oenophiles of the world. For the last 8 of his 25 years in restaurants, Dan has been able to taste some of the most interesting bottles in the world. It has contributed to his undying commitment to putting the tastiest grape juice in the faces of every resident of Long Beach.


Alex McGroarty

Executive Chef/Owner

After years of competing in child pageants all over Pennsylvania to moderate success, Alex decided to switch gears and try his hand at restaurant work. Like any chef worth a damn, at age 15, Alex started dishwashing and worked his way up. Realizing that his dates were impressed by his burgeoning cooking prowess, he spent his life honing his craft. Now he cooks really, really well. 


Kyiala Satybaeva

General Manager

Despite being raised in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan by a wild pack of Siberian Wolves, Kyiala has developed a keen sense of style and elegance. She takes values that she learned with the pack, integrity, teamwork, and consistency, and applies them to the guest experience.


Nolan Beeson

Executive Sous Chef

Known throughout the Marine Corps for his disarming charm and devilish good looks, this culinary bad-boy is now focused on running a team of dedicated food professionals. Nolan's job consists of keeping the kitchen in tempo, so that your meal is memorable. You can trust your mouth to Nolan.

We Use Only Open Pasture, Grassfed Beef.

We serve fresh local produce, 100% grass-fed beef, local farmer's market veggies, and family farm raised Duroc pork.

























Chilled Summer Squash Soup               

Le Bruncherie

Beginning August of 2018, during the daytime we become 4th & Olive Bruncherie, a 7 day a week celebration of brunch. With plenty of lunch and breakfast items, we have something for everyone! 

We'll Cater the Heck Outta Your Event.


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