Fourth and Olive Restaurant

Adam Grimm

Adam has a firm belief that, while bread is good, beer is grain's finest purpose and greatest achievement. Come let him show you his philosophy.

Like our food, our restaurant grew organically.


Dan, a disabled veteran, left a high end restaurant in Beverly Hills after facing considerable hassle over his walking cane from a chef-owner that was unwilling to accommodate. Deciding that he would not subject himself to disability discrimination again, he decided to start his own company, with a stated purpose to create a safe space for people of all levels of ability to work. 

Searching for a location, he came to the building that is now Fourth and Olive Restaurant. Dan had a whole other concept in mind, but upon seeing the space with the beautiful rafters, exposed brick, and rich history, he decided to 

Alex McGroarty

Alex has a passion for simple but solid cooking that makes his own wife jealous. Fortunately, she can console herself by eating better than anyone else in the city. 

ABOUT fourth and olive restaurant 

Who We Are

Dan Tapia

With 23 years in the business, Dan is an expert consumer of high quality alcoholic beverages and looks forward to sharing his world of wine with you.